In fast changing business world & current circumstances, ‘change’ and ‘uncertainty’ are only constants. People Leaders are hired for Skills and Knowledge but mostly fired for their People and Behavioural Skills. These skills are the key differentiators & have not changed over centuries, nor would they for further ages ahead.

Sitting on the edge of ‘Bay of Bengal’, I realised the power of the sea. A mere simple look at the Waves of the Ocean, can free your cognizance. It expands your mental and actual skylines.

Just free yourself from your daily chaos. Let your tasks not overpower you but rejuvenate you. Close your eyes and think deep. Are you feeling a little better? I bet, you are…Now recollect when you were close to an ocean/sea, and what was your overall feeling?

Sea forms us, transfers us, transforms us, backs us and gives us fresh light day after day. It teaches us to stay solid yet composed, firm yet resilient, delicate yet gorgeous.

Most important lesson for Entrepreneurial Leaders is the ‘Infinite Hope’. The fading lights of the boats in deep waters reminded me of the livelihood of millions it supports across the globe. The hope for the catch of the day, their lives and many more lessons can be learned from it. That’s the spirit ladies and gentlemen.

Ocean teaches us to set ourselves free, ripple through our hearts content. Splash and be bold & hit back tirelesslykeep trying, with the same passion and energy.

It teaches us to be gentle, generous and patient. How much ever powerful it is, it still allows even a small boat to dictate & be its lifeline. Be Decisive. Be calm, even after a storm it is the peace which maters the most.

Rise and Shine. I am sure you all love the sunrise! Be Beautiful. 

Before I end, the thoughts of communication which is such a differentiator between Good and Great comes to my mind. Sea teaches us how to stay connected.

Remember friends, even the smallest of positive movement can build life momentum.