Do we all love working in lavish buildings, earning plenty of cash and partying out every night? Yes we do! But to what extent? Does it provides us the happiness continually? Happiness and engagement comes from what you are doing and more importantly for whom you are doing.

I have seen countless number of people working in big companies, earning loads of cash, and having the best of time. On the other hand, I would not list them in the happiest lot. There can be many reasons for the same.

I would like to take you back to your first job. The bubbly energy you had and the excitement to go to work every day. It started to fizz out with the time. Going to work becames an obligation. Why am I saying so? When in India, your fully engagement score is 9 per cent, this is quite evident that 91 per cent team members are just pushing for ‘the cheque’. I have tried to challenge the same in my book, ‘Match the Age’ to ‘Keep them Engaged’ which was released in 2015-16. There are two questions you need to ask. Have you realised what has changed with time? What do you need to do yourself to be happy and engaged? Organisation will do its part, your part is equally important, if not more.

A very interesting fact brought out by Harvard research, on the difference between the core character of a leader and follower. Only major difference was the core competency of taking a feet-forward or taking a risk through innovative decision.

If I look closely at my more than two decades of practical exposure, I have extensively researched and then spoken/written about what organisations need to do to ensure their people are engaged.

Today, I want to list down a few tips on personal front, for you to bring back the joy at your workplace. These are simple and we all know them. We just forget them somewhere on the way. Look at the three circles of life. Do not spend time in the circle of no control. Try and spend more and more time in the circle of control and influence only.

  1. Be realistic: Set yourself a smart goal. We often make unrealistic goals and dreams. We expect more than we are capable of handling. Depression seeks in and the work becomes a source of unhappiness. Circle of prime control for you entrepreneurial leaders.
  2. Focus on your KPA: Many of us sometime in our career, feel we are not getting recognised. We are doing a lot of work, but it is not recognised. This can be one of the source of personal depression. The best way out, would be to focus on your key performance areas only. If you do everything, except your core job, you are sure shot, not getting any appreciation. See, if you are doing the right things. One more circle of your own control.
  3. Right approach: Enter your workplace with the positive outlook about your employer or organisation, colleague, leaders and yourself. Also be positive about your work. Negative thoughts always hamper your performance. They will ensure that you dislike whatever you are doing. Completely under your own control.
  1. Good relationship: This is said many times, but mostly ignored. When we talk about two human beings and relationships, trust and emotional connect are the most important factors to keep us tied in one-note. The best way to do that is with open set of communication. How would you do that? Simple, practice small steps personally. Help people whenever you can, smile a lot, and always remember the more you give, more you get. Again under your control and by this you can increase and improve on the range of your second circle, circle of influence.
  2. Look for solutions: Many of us have a habit of criticising and not looking beyond it. We have a habit of sitting around and passing on these negative vibes. Won’t it be more productive if we look for two different ways, together, of solving the same issue? This would definitely create a positive atmosphere and I am sure, it brings a lot of sense of achievement on personal front. Again like the previous point, circle of control and influence.
  3. Clear as crystal: Try to maintain transparency, communicate straight forward and more so if you are a people manager. Well informed employees would help you even in stress and difficult financial times. They will stand by you when you need them. Again the two circle of life.
  4. Celebrate each other’s success: This is more of a cultural input. Though I debated personally a lot on it, before putting it up in black and white. It is important that we keep patting each other. Have you looked at the successful 2003, Indian Cricket team? Ganguly recalls, ‘we never believed in each other’s success but the huddle changed it for us. Even for some of the seniors. We started reaping benefits of being with each other’. Celebrating success with each other is also form of reward, used in Disney, where they create ‘the magic’, day in and out. If you and your team are self-starters, engaged and motivated, believe me half of the battle is won. Informal gatherings can also improve compatibility quotient and get team members closer to each other. Again a circle under your control and influence.
  5. Take risks: If you study successful leaders, this would be common in them. The satisfaction you get is tremendous. You don’t need to be a leader by rank, but you have to be a leader in actions. The status quo needs to be challenged. This is an overall issue with us. We believe in using, view blockers in life. A view blocker, is a temporary partition used to block the view and was used very effectively in common wealth games. We wanted international community to not see a few things, so we blocked the view. Not taking risks is dangerous and again completely under our control and our personality trait.
  1. No to dirty office politics: Something very difficult to stay away from. It can really impact your performance and makes you very constructive. Keep away from the blame game. Accept your mistakes and learn to correct them. Completely your control zone.
  1. Rejuvenate: Take a break. There will be definitely a time when you will be exhausted. Your body would need that rest. Rejuvenate, influence your friends and family, move on, and come back refreshed.

I have been writing for long, now things which we as entrepreneurial leaders should do, organisations to do, to keep everyone engaged. Engagement starts from happiness and self. Today we have changed gears and spoken about completely what is in our control and how we can influence people around us. Be positive, and I repeat, the more you give, the more you get. Smile, support and be there, for each other. You don’t need to be a people leader to follow these simple steps. Never let that child in you die, if you wish to continually succeed in life…