Our country has produced great leaders and freedom fighters, and I would not like to disrespect their contribution in term/s of our freedom, growth post it. Hats off to them…

Let’s look at something very different today! Something which was simple but powerful. What British did to connect our country is worth mentioning? Let’s look back at some grass root level examples.

First I would like to bring to your notice, the example of railways. What a vision? Laying tracks in jungles, mountains, etc. and connecting the county…bridging villages, mountains, etc. and ensuring we were together. Bridging urban India with rural.

Won’t you term it a vision? What a fantastic way to connect the country. Don’t you think ladies and gentlemen if the same was not built, then we would have been equivalent to Africa? What a fantastic ethical system, wherein you pay advance and trust your seat would be reserved.

Another interesting example I would like to emphasise today is of Indian Postal Service. Can you trust a courier guy to deliver your 10/- or 100/- ethically to your mother/relative in a remotest village of the country? Don’t you think it can cater to such high standards of ethics? Can you also feel the connect in it…?

With even low salaries, I have never heard of a story where a postman cheating the person, except for few ones.

Why it is not doing well is a shame, and not so well handled story. Across the world all major postal services function like banks and we should have learnt from it, and quickly upgrade. I feel there is still time to hold on to our heritage.

I am strong believer that we need to appreciate British people for being meticulous and precise to the P. Even today we can see these maps in various parts of the country like Kolkata, or tracks in Shimla, which are more than a century old and heritage.

Why we have not build a modern Shimla or another hill station? Why couldn’t we connect through these courier services? If you send money in a courier they refuse it, why is the trust so low? Does it take a lot to do so? Some questions we must answer.

I am today talking about something which I feel is very important for all Leaders with entrepreneurial mind-set. I wish to talk about the power of trust with an interesting example.

I have been travelling across the globe and the time to check-in every day is increasing. It used to be 45 minutes and is now easily 120 minutes, give or take. What has happened post 9X11 is very unfortunate. We have lost the trust in each other.

What happens when the small thread of trust is broken in any relationship? There are only two very important binders in any relationship. Whether it is girlfriend-boyfriend, friends, husband-wife; it remains emotional connect and trust.

Post certain unwanted events across the global trust levels have gone down. The cost of doing business goes up and speed of doing the same goes down. Look at the same example of check in mentioned above. We have spent billions in security system, so the cost of business has gone up and still we are not safe. The time taken to check-in is increasing so the speed of business is going down. Interesting. Isn’t it! Simple too…This is power of trust.

Mumbai Attacks

Let’s look at other side of the story. Terrorist attacks in Mumbai. You would have noticed how Taj and Oberoi hotel employees worked towards ensuring the safety of the guest. They refused to vacate, and some of the stories, including the general manager of Taj, who lost his entire family in the attack, still kept working, are amazing. It is just the integrity, connect, behaviour through character, and trust which was so importantly reflected. These behaviours lead to overall engagement and productivity. Balance sheets grow automatically, but they are not everything always.

True example of OCB. Trust on the other hand reduced the time and improves business efficiency. All great habits are insignificant in front of trust. It is proved again and again.

Engagement or even some people term it as a part of OCB. Happiness is just the beginning friends. Engagement can be defined as something more than happiness. When you want to deliver and are aligned to deliver even when you are not asked too or even out of the call or your duty. It is more than material benefits, booty or a simple work-life balance. They may be one of the inputs in some cases, but output of Engagement is very broad and big picture focused.

I would like to take you something very powerful friends. Our Mythology & Bhagwat Gita. It teaches and preaches a very important lesson, Karam Kare ja, fal ki chinta mat kar (keep doing your things, forget about its benefits).

I urge you People Leaders to work on the same at your organisational levels. Important for each one of us to push at it hard.

The current overall full engagement scores globally at 13 per cent and Indian scores at 9 per cent are looking very sad. Let’s try and make the difference in a concrete way, in whatever small steps we can. I am concerned & making the difference through education. Are you also doing something?