Diversity can be defined simply as organic attraction of a broader base talent at organisational level. In simple words it is cocktail of cultures, age groups, caste, religion, gender, opinions, abilities, knowledge, attitude, and therefore diverse learnings. It brings to the table different experiences, skill sets, and still keeps it unique or individualistic.

As people leaders it is important we recognise our people, for who they are, what are their strengths, and what they have to offer to us. Definitely diverse atmosphere, with different age-groups brings in with itself different socio-economic growth & power, multitasking abilities, energy, and passion in one bouquet.

Can we get far enough without an open mind diverse organisation culture? I do not think so. It is so difficult to set standards and therefore diversity become priceless. I would say with current and future generation’s team-work and open thought process is very important, for the success. Listen would be critical and acknowledgement of the brilliance of an individual or a team, takes the organisation to the next level. In this generation when a subordinate has sometimes even more bandwidth than his/her supervisor, it is important to innovate and let it reach greater impact. Looking at the big picture and alignment, helps in a huge way.

Does diversity has in its the ability to push ideas? This is highly debatable. It should ideally have the ability to do so provided it improves multitasking and team efficiencies. Our markets, products, or services are so different therefore it is important to invest in good and diverse people. I am a firm believer; it definitely pushes out of box ideas.

Can it hamper our progress? Looking at the flip side of the coin, I believe that diversity inspires us to be different and open, but on the other side, it needs to be in check. The emphasis should always be on the main business or goals. As I see it backfiring, if we have poor leaders or immature organisation or cultures, or ineffective communication systems.

Whole of the world is discussing what is STEM? It is simply put an acronym referring to the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. It is critical to our success. Embracing STEM v/s traditional career paths is important. Our Indian society still does not believe in women belonging to STEM. It is shocking but a fact. STEM needs to build on as it definitely has significant impact on women’s financial security, economic growth, and global innovation.

We need more women from various backgrounds in STEM and we need to make it diverse. Success is not only defined by positive balance sheet. In our country the massive lack of diversity in the high-tech industries is a major concern. These should be turned into our strengths, if we need to progress to become a powerful nation.

I am pro-women supporter for STEM. This generation would have the most educated women demographics. We also are going to have one of the youngest workforce in next 8-10 years. Schools are the trend setters and keeping in mind the same, they need to contribute and ensure that the next generation is encouraged to take up STEM, especially women. Yes, increasing demographics of women academician would be a great plus.

Not all STEM can take place in a class room. Intellectual skills grow over a period of time, regardless of gender. I firmly believe that how we entrepreneurial leaders handle the same over the next few years, would be the differentiator, at a country wide level.

I am sure many strong and interesting women, who are good people leaders would provide path to discover talent, and strength within each one of us. We would tirelessly put in efforts advocating women and inspiring them to cope up with life altering experiences.

Together we can start the change and make the difference…