Your lucid style of writing reminds me of Late Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.
Dr. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay
VC Amity University
You have made a very good work with really interesting examples from the workplace. Useful everywhere. Event parents and grannies too. I really love it, it gives me insights and help for situations in all kind of working environments.
Tuija Malmstorm
I am loving it more chapter by chapter. I am able to relate everything that happens with me. Getting connected with it.
Dr. Sanjay Jindal
Professor, LPU
Proud moment for us to see our classmate write such an interesting book. Just finished reading the book, wonderful insights for any businessman. Brilliantly presented. Must buy to keep your team engaged.
Kiran Kumar BS and Smitha SH Haneef
Reji Kumar Padmalayam, a friend, batch mate and room mate, taking the book to various universities & promoting my book in Canada. The book reaches Western University and is in hands of Prof Lameck.
Dr. Lameck and Reji
Professor and Friend
Examples used are thought provoking & real life situational. The contents explained in the book are not available in any other books or course or institute’s syllabus, which I have attended/read. This makes it interesting for me. The tactics mentioned in the book, can be used by leaders of any stream, including marketing, hr, hospitality/service industry. The style of delivering thoughts, is in presentation style. It is the best eye opener for the Managers and leaders.
Amazon Reader
The book would be useful for personal career and industrial growth. I liked it because of its conversational style, which is rare for an Indian author. The language which is used is very simple, without jargons, which everyone can relate to, making it overall a good read. Normally these practical different examples shared are only available when you meet a leader of quality in seminars/presentations. The book is more than value for money.
Amazon Reader
Must read book……this is very interesting and keeps you engaged throughout the ending. It has very practical and innovative ideas and thoughts, which can be implemented by Leaders, Managers and Aspiring Managers/ Leaders. It is recommended for students as well.
Amazon Reader
I appreciated the setup of the book with informative notes, quips, and facts spread throughout it. It makes for a more interesting read and gives you time to absorb the information.
Amazon Reader
The book is full of interesting examples and quotes. The author seems experienced in many organizations which he has quoted in very interesting ways. Language is used very easy and the style adopted by author is presentation style.
Sushma Singh
Amazon Reader
The overall coverage is quite comprehensive and deals with this subject both from employee’s point of view as well as from the employer’s perspective. The Key message which is sought to be given is that “employee engagement drives customer engagement, productivity and organization performance “so true in context of today’s VUCA environment. In fact, Ch 13 solely deals with it. The book has been written in Simple, lucid, easy to read style; backed by adequate simple examples with Important points mentioned in the boxes & Key leanings summarized at the end of each chapter, the emphasis all throughout has been on simple implementable ideas in Indian context.
Ullhas Pagey
HR Head, Visiting Professor
It is very well articulated specially the generation wise engagement pattern was remarkable. I think this should be a must read for all corporates irrespective of the stream he/ she is working. This will also help the working manager to understand the scenario of Gen X, Gen Y and the Baby boomers. The current scenario – The leadership during uncertain times which is worth mentioning. Lastly I was very enlightened by all the concepts and has recommended the book in my organization for all to read.
Somraj Dey
Sr. Manager HR
–Good leaders always produces good leaders but not so good leaders and scared leaders only produce followers. –With great powers comes great responsibility. Leadership brings responsibility to influence the thought process of followers.
Sumeet Jindal
Sr. HR Mgr., RIL
One of the key differentiators between a great salesman and a good salesman is the ability to close the call on a positive note. Who said we speak only for HR leaders…Yes Dr Deepak reading your book and enjoying your book. KeepThemEngaged is simple language, good insights.
Govind Sharma
Sr. Mgr. HR
The book is fantastic. I have started it and also given it to my friends & my coach, who has also given me his positive nod. The examples and boxes make it very interesting and different. Hope I can be coached by you.
Dhiren Shah
Karma Bar & Cigar, US
The book is superb, simple language and unique narration style. It is very relate-able. Brilliantly written. I have read it and then couriered back in India, to my father. He will love the progressive and relate-able thought process well knitted in simple language. Congratulations once again.
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