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  • Anand Goyal, Amazon Reader
    HR Head

    The book would be useful for personal career and industrial growth. I liked it because of its conversational style, which is rare for an Indian author. The language which is used is very simple, without jargons, which everyone can relate to, making it overall a good read. Normally these practical different examples shared are only available when you meet a leader of quality in seminars/presentations. The book is more than value for money.

  • Abhishek
    HR Leader and Amazon Reader

    Examples used are thought provoking & real life situational. The contents explained in the book are not available in any other books or course or institute’s syllabus, which I have attended/read. This makes it interesting for me. The tactics mentioned in the book, can be used by leaders of any stream, including marketing, hr, hospitality/service industry. The style of delivering thoughts, is in presentation style. It is the best eye opener for the Managers and leaders.

  • Students of IIM Indore
    Students of IIM Indore

    Dr Malhotra’s friendly manner of presentation really helped us relax and understand the intricacies of human resource management in a fun way – Sriram, IIM Indore Lucid explanation and approach towards sensitive issues. Mix of humor within acceptable bounds. Really enjoyed the session. What I loved was how he has faced challenge and made it look like a cake walk – Anirban, IIM Indore The presentation was interactive and clear to the point. Would love to read more in sir’s book. His speech was brilliant on Entrepreneurial Leadership. He enlightened us with modern day leadership techniques. – Madhu, IIM Indore The cordial and casual approach towards a formal interaction is rare and admirable. What I liked most was his ability to face challenges & diversity – Sachin, IIM Indore The friendly and jovial approach of the Dr Malhotra was enjoyed most by me… My key take away was information and insights of HR as a profession- Ramya, IIM Indore Stories about his transition from a chef to author was an interesting and inspiring one. Passion in doing what you do to achieve success was my key learnings – Tony, IIM Indore

  • Students of IIM Shillong
    Students of IIM Shillong

    Dr Malhotra can contribute by sharing more ideas from real life. He enjoyed in the session the difference between Gen X & Gen Y; Real-Life Experience, Informal Nature and Professional Outlook. Key Learnings were How to Challenge Yourself even in difficult times and Never to Loose your Motivation.-Ashish, IIM Shillong I felt that his presentation and approach to keep everyone engaged was exceptional.-Ravi, IIM Shillong Key take-away from the session for Rajesh were the methodology of business world, domain of leadership and HR. He also was impressed with Dr Malhotra’s book. He feels Dr Malhotra can contribute next time more to the needs and wants of IIM Students from the Corporates-Rajesh, IIM Shillong He loved the interactive style of speaker. His key learnings were ways to keep Gen Y engaged; Expectations from different organisations and Domain knowledge of Speaker.-Yash, IIM Shillong He loved speaker’s diverse knowledge and experience. His key take away was how to be positive in life?-Hersh, IIM Shillong Dr Malhotra has profound knowledge in various domains and is full of enthusiasm & humour even when he is presenting. He loved the interaction on Gen Y and enjoyed the readiness level for new challenges.-Saket, IIM Shillong Dr Malhotra should contribute as a Visiting Faculty to the Institute. She loved the interaction in terms of Gen Y & how they fit in an organisation; the overview of managing an organisation. In the session she enjoyed speakers the methodology of presentation; huge spectrum of knowledge and interaction with the audience-Soumya, IIM Shillong Deepak Sir’s interaction & experience sharing with all of us was what he enjoyed the most. His Key Learning were Situational Leadership and Methods of Working in Corporate World.-Ravinder, IIM Shillong Loved the humour in the session. His key take away’s were in form of Role of HR in Current Scenario; How to Engage Gen Y and Work-Life Balance.-Sagar, IIM Shillong Kasturi would love to host Dr Malhotra again and this time learn from his failures and mistakes in life. She enjoyed the light moments; detailed explanations and examples, Kasturi, IIM Shillong We would again wish to have him back at IIM Shillong and Learn through sharing of examples. Mohit felt Non Textual Learnings and His Friendliness were key differentiator. He learned a lot on Future Challenges in HR and Leadership and Current Strategies.- Mohit, IIM Shillong I felt the session was very relevant and close to corporate world and he thoroughly enjoyed the difference in generations. His key take aways were engagement techniques; Entrepreneurial Leadership; Innovations and Qualities of a Leader. Rahul, IIM Shillong

  • Students of IIM Ranchi
    Students of IIM Ranchi

    Real life example which brings our difference from a text book & class room prospective. He doesn’t need ppt as such being a good orator. Jyoti, IIM Ranchi He quoted examples which were self-explanatory. His practical approach to answer questions was great. My key learning were HR facts; connecting more than correcting and importance of updating ourselves. Deep Shikha, IIM Ranchi I would love to have Dr Malhotra as a Visiting Faculty. He shared very interesting examples and incidents. My key learning was just observing him present and converting key learnings into action terms in written forms. Himanshu, IIM Ranchi Dr Malhotra should come back and make us understand the basics of HR in practical life and how do we need to learn from it. I enjoyed his interaction with the batch and relevance of the presentation. My key take away was in terms of the level of commitment and key attributes of Human Resources. We want him to show us how we can improve our learning in these couple of years? Prakash, IIM Ranchi

  • SCMHRD Students
    SCMHRD Students

    1. The interaction was fun and interesting. Dr Malhotra kept us engaged with jokes and anecdotes. 2. Learning new concepts & newer methods was fun. 3. Deepak is a very witty facilitator. 4. We learned how to keep up with the generation and keep ourselves updated? 5. He spoke keenly about new human resource trends. 6. We would love to read his book, match the age to keep them engaged 7. We want to have more 1 to 1 interactions with Dr Malhotra

  • Mohit Verma
    Director – Corporate & Career Services

    Dear Dr. Malhotra, I just wanted to share the feedback of our students on your Guest Speaker session. The students found you to be a great speaker. Some of the topics covered about HR in general were good and insightful. They also found you very open to questions and interaction. Look forward to hosting you again! Warm Regards, Mohit Varma

  • LPU Students
    LPU Students

    Terms & Vocabulary used by Dr Malhotra were great and his Friendly Instructions were Helpful. His explanation of current employee market, engagement and future employee expectations was wonderful (Soarabh, LPU) Motivation towards Entrepreneurial Leadership, Current Statistics and How to become a Better Leader? (Robin, LPU) I enjoyed his Overall Attitude, Experience & Knowledge Sharing and Interactions the most. Key take-away’s for me were How can I lead and Express Myself? I would love to spend more time with him (Bhupesh, LPU) I enjoyed his Questioning Technique, Interaction and Ability to Teach about HR, Business, etc. My key Learnings would be Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Engagement. (Priya, LPU) I loved Dr Malhotra’s Live Examples and would want to learn more from him in terms of handling Situations. My vision of Life which he defined as Happiness for self and People around me in simple terms was the Key Learning (Mohit, LPU) I enjoyed Overall Examples given by Sir. I loved his explanation of How to Ride Bicycle & How to Brush, through Knowledge, Skill, Attitude and Making them into Habits (Deeksha, LPU) Dr Malhotra’s Interaction Level, Delivery and Examples of Daily Life was Enjoyed by Me. My key take-away would be How to be a Good Listener, Engagement, Motivation, Empathy, etc. The lecture was so interesting that even in 2 hours never felt sleepy and enjoyed a lot. Need more time as I would love to listen to him more & learn (Shivani, LPU) I want more of interactions with Dr Malhotra especially on Career Guidance & Development. I liked his live examples, Involvement and Leadership qualities. I learned how to approach goals? (Gulshan, LPU) I loved Dr Malhotra’s sense of humour and his ability to enable me to improve. (Simranpreet, LPU) would love him back on the campus. His Interactiveness and Reality-Based Discussions were encouraging. I learned more of Leadership Qualities, HRM Skills and Learned to be Happy (Diksha, LPU)

  • IMT Nagpur
    IMT Nagpur Students

    Failure happens because one’s idea is not properly implemented or executed, one may have big dreams but what is required is successful execution. Overall the lecture was very informative, engaging and enthralling for the student managers. Best Quote: Without Empowerment, Talent is Zero.

  • R K Rishiraj
    Head – Corporate Relations & Placements

    Dear Dr Deepak Greetings from Jaipuria , Jaipur! We wish to express our sincere thanks for gracing the HR conclave on “Role of HR in Managing Change”, with your presence on 01st November 2014 at our campus. Your insights will go a long way in shaping personalities and careers of our students. The learning from the conclave will be discussed in classes as per the appropriate topics. The students have shown interest in further subject specific interactions in near future also. We appreciate your contribution in improving industry – academia interface and reducing the gaps in academic inputs and industrial requirements. Hoping for a long and fruitful association.

  • Deepak Kumar Dewanda
    Joint Secretary, FMS

    Snapshot of Feedback on Key note speeches by colleges/students:- • The students were also inspired by the fact that your writings have been impacted by your past experiences in life. • Your innovation in terms of a blog for the busier and faster generation was extremely interesting. • The students also mentioned that they were eagerly looking forward to have more such sessions in future.

  • Kiran Kumar BS and Smitha SH Haneef
    IHMCT & AN Hyderbad - Batchmates

    Proud moment for us to see our classmate write such an interesting book. Just finished reading the book, wonderful insights for any businessman. Brilliantly presented. Must buy to keep your team engaged.

  • Minakshi
    Amazon Reader

    Must read book……this is very interesting and keeps you engaged throughout the ending. It has very practical and innovative ideas and thoughts, which can be implemented by Leaders, Managers and Aspiring Managers/ Leaders. It is recommended for students as well.

  • Monika
    Amazon Reader

    I appreciated the setup of the book with informative notes, quips, and facts spread throughout it. It makes for a more interesting read and gives you time to absorb the information.

  • Sushma Singh
    Amazon Reader

    The book is full of interesting examples and quotes. The author seems experienced in many organizations which he has quoted in very interesting ways. Language is used very easy and the style adopted by author is presentation style.

  • Sonali
    A follower

    The book is superb, simple language and unique narration style. It is very relate-able. Brilliantly written. I have read it and then couriered back in India, to my father. He will love the progressive and relate-able thought process well knitted in simple language. Congratulations once again.

  • Dhiren Shah
    Owner, Karma Bar and Cigar, USA

    The book is fantastic. I have started it and also given it to my friends & my coach, who has also given me his positive nod. The examples and boxes make it very interesting and different. Hope I can be coached by you.

  • Tuija Malmstorm, Sweeden
    A Reader and Follower

    You have made a very good work with really interesting examples from the workplace. Useful everywhere. Event parents and grannies too. I really love it, it gives me insights and help for situations in all kind of working environments.

  • Govind Sharma
    Sr Manager HR

    One of the key differentiators between a great salesman and a good salesman is the ability to close the call on a positive note. Who said we speak only for HR leaders… Yes Dr Deepak reading your book and enjoying your book. #KeepThemEngaged is simple language, good insights.

  • Sumeet Jindal
    Sr Manager HR, RIL

    –Good leaders always produces good leaders but not so good leaders and scared leaders only produce followers. –With great powers comes great responsibility. Leadership brings responsibility to influence the thought process of followers.

  • Somraj Dey

    It is very well articulated specially the generation wise engagement pattern was remarkable. I think this should be a must read for all corporates irrespective of the stream he/ she is working. This will also help the working manager to understand the scenario of Gen X, Gen Y and the Baby boomers. The current scenario – The leadership during uncertain times which is worth mentioning. Lastly I was very enlightened by all the concepts and has recommended the book in my organization for all to read.

  • Sanjay Jindal
    Prof HR, LPU, Jalandhar

    I am loving it more chapter by chapter. I am able to relate everything that happens with me. Getting connected with it.

  • Ullhas Pagey
    Head Human Capital & Organisation Development – Sharekhan Ltd. Mumbai

    The overall coverage is quite comprehensive and deals with this subject both from employee’s point of view as well as from the employer’s perspective. The Key message which is sought to be given is that “employee engagement drives customer engagement, productivity and organization performance “so true in context of today’s VUCA environment. In fact, Ch 13 solely deals with it. The book has been written in Simple, lucid, easy to read style; backed by adequate simple examples with Important points mentioned in the boxes & Key leanings summarized at the end of each chapter, the emphasis all throughout has been on simple implementable ideas in Indian context.

  • Dr. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay
    Vice Chancellor, Amity University Kolkata

    Your lucid style of writing, reminds me of Late Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. A good self-help book for people leaders and students of human resources/management.