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What Engagement Means to you?

Just as a casting director engages a particular actor for a role, keeping in mind the story of the movie, the age bracket, and his potential to do justice to the role; a leader similarly plays a pivotal role in identifying the right actors, by ‘matching the age’, their potential, efficiency, and the dedication to do justice to their assigned jobs. In other words, ‘keeping them engaged’ andOriginal Book extracting the best out of them.

This is my voyage of nearly two-decades spent in corporate world in people leadership roles. It is an attempt to take you away from the current ‘view-blocker’ (temporary wall) of thoughts.

A happy workplace can have significant impact on the business results and the overall success. It is no rocket science to conclude that there is a huge impact of engagement on productivity. The co-relation between engagement and efficiency is proved time and again. The entrepreneurial style of leadership should focus on this relation.

If you are looking for an engagement drive for your employees, ‘match the age’ to ‘keep them engaged’ is what you surely need.

A book published by Bloomsbury publishing.



Original BookBuilding a workplace that is satisfying, is very difficult. The overall 9 per cent engagement scores in the country are a reflection of the same.

This book for the first time would deal with the concept of ‘Keeping them Engaged’ and therefore productivity with different strategies for different age-groups by ‘Matching the Age’.

The USP of the book is about ‘Matching the Age’ of employees in four different engagement buckets: Gen Y (up to 30 years of age), Gen X (31 to 45 years of age), Baby Boomers (46 plus years of age), and the current one-click generation (Gen G  & Gen I) and  their distinguishable. The learning about the differentiator is important to ‘Keep them Engaged’.

In the current economic conditions prevailing across the globe, it becomes very important to be effective and efficient. The book also covers this interesting and challenging phase, and how to deal with it at individual and organisational level.

Cover page backEntrepreneurial Leaders, would second my thoughts, when I say Engagement is one of the key drivers for productivity. People Leaders feel one of the top-five needs in our organisation is Talent Management and Engagement, and to our surprise  less than 50 per cent organisations have a concrete plan for it.

I have tried and brought forth an bird’s eye view on engagement and its dynamics. If you are looking for an engagement drive for your employees, here it is…

To get a personalised copy write to author at matchtheagetokeepthemengaged@gmail.com

Link to order at Flipkart: https://t.co/ohG1gs9VST or Amazonhttp://amzn.to/1dXoANw

Sneak Peak

Organisational judgements

Every entrepreneurial leader reading this book would agree with me, that performance level of teams either makes or breaks any organisation’s strategy. If good people are a key source of competitive advantage, their engagement, apart from performance, should also be equally important to you. It would hit directly at the numbers on the balance sheet. Ultimately, delivering strategy is about hiring the right peopleOriginal Book for the right job (right-fit) and motivating them to deliver results.

A recent survey of investors showed that 35 per cent of their decisions are now hinged on non-financial factors. It is an indication? It shows us the path in terms of enormousness. Investors feel towards organisation’s leaders and their capability to encourage team members and ensure a ‘magical’ experience for the customer.

Entrepreneurial leaders are therefore, encouraged not to ignore the fundamentals of engagement, particularly in these difficult times. It is important that a proper due perfectionism is attributed to the same.

If you look at bright young talents around, you will see they are more or less equal to these investors, investing in their talents. When they walk out of their comfort zones, to a completely different world of methods, they are often found confused and clueless. It is, therefore, suggested that we handle them with utmost care from day 1.

Will ‘keeping them engaged’ deliver improved business results?

There are many studies which are available across the globe, which prove that ‘keeping them engaged’ delivers improved business results. One of them is the analysis of ‘America’s most admired companies’. The direct result of pro-employee measures was in the form of stock movement by 50 per cent over the challengers.

It is proved through various studies that engaged teams produce better results. Even upshot of companies with similar products or services can vary based on engagement levels of their employees. Let us look at a very simple  example of a restaurant. There are many restaurants selling the same cuisine, and catering to different clientele. They may deliver similar products but their service or standards differ. Here, people contribute to the differentiator, thus, helping the organisation and teams to win continually.

There are many such examples with a measurable return on investment, and we are going to discuss a few of them.



To get a personalised copy write to author at matchtheagetokeepthemengaged@gmail.com

Link to order at Flipkart: https://lnkd.in/e8mr2dF or Amazon: http://amzn.to/1dXoANwCover page back


very good

Appreciate it

Dear Friends,

As you and I run through this book, I must admit that our journey at ‘The Grand’ was full of pace. External factors, customer needs and business demands were increasing every day. We were required to deliver smartly. ‘Service with a smile’ was our ‘Key Mantra’.

Overall contribution of Human Resource team was very simple. My expectations from them was to engage youth in our property, excite them and bring an element of community in which they live.

I feel today, with so many diverse employees who bought to the table different skill sets and prospective, the way Human Resource team channelized the energy was amazing. To be a market leader from resourcing to exit was because of their overall innovation and connect.

We prepared youth for work experiences through training and guidance. We trained them on skills and specific pathways. Teams devoted significant time to develop and maintain relationships with the employees and their families.

I know Deepak well, and going by instinct, like me you are also in for many surprises. I think this should take us to facilitating professional yet innovative solutions, critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork, communication and collaboration. I wish the book all the success.


Ex GM of The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata and owner of Sarson. Direct Boss of Dr Deepak Malhotra


Pre-Review Page

Pre-review of the Book by Business Manager, October Issue

Pre-Review Page 2

Pre-review of the Book by Business Manager, October Issue


Both book and web-site, look to be quite promising & I am sure book is going to be be an eye opener for most. Looking forward to book reaching the stores.


Senior from IHM Hyderabad


I like the web-site uncluttered.


Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching & A student of Peter Drucker (follows Dr Deepak Malhotra on Twitter)


The book “Please Me” will help budding managers about how to manage a happy and productive work place. We as students will learn a lot about day to day activities and Human Resource management system.

The way your blog explains different roles of HR in coming future is excellent. It will help the future managers to understand that HR management is beyond being a domain. It is a business enabler which if works properly can boost up the bottom lines of organisation’s P&L statement. Managers who aspire to build their career in HR management will find it to be a very significant guide.

Your previous articles about different aspects of Human Resource Management show your expertise in this field. The way you have explained how to find out right managers who are right fit for a particular role, what is the use of entrepreneurial talent shows your focused and targeted streams of thoughts.

The depth in which you have explained about the efficient and effective performance appraisal system is very useful for us and easily understandable. The limited I have read till now makes me explore more and more. I’ll keep reading your coming articles.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience to visit this site. As more articles get published, the utility of this site will keep increasing.

We, at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay eagerly look forward to interact with you in our campus. The opportunity of talking to you in person about different facets of HR management will be excellent for our students.

We expect your next book “Hungry People, Better Results” to be one step ahead of “MATCH THE AGE’ TO ‘KEEP THEM ENGAGED


Student of IIT Mumbai and Member: Industry Action Team (follows Dr Deepak Malhotra on Web)


It was indeed a pleasure to browse through the website, especially the teaser of your book was refreshing.

Personally, I was amused by the challenge that it would have been to pen down about the leadership at a go in the book, for people of all age groups at any point in their career!


Student of SCMHRD


Been through the website, good one. Also would like to see your book. Hope to get a copy soon.

Ms Amruta Mane

Sr HR Manager at Podar Education


Web Site and Book are Good one and I Wish it Success

Yash Mahavik

Global Head of HR for Business Transformation, IT & Chief Learning Officer – Philips


Feedback by NHRD Kolkata participants on Engaging Gen Y

You will be happy to know that I have shared some of your thought presented yesterday with my Plant Manager & the rest of my team today.

We look forward to being in continuous touch henceforth.

RA, PepsiCo

Your warm & lucid style struck a chord with the audience; look forward to your continued support in chapter activities.

NHRDN, Kolkata

ST-Emami said: Great, I must admit now that you are ‘ONE CLICK’ 

It was indeed a pleasure meeting & interacting with you on 14th October, Wednesday. It was a great honour to attend your session & I thoroughly enjoyed & learnt a lot from it.

SB, Manipal Education

It was indeed great meeting you and attending your session. It was so engaging!

CB, Unigrow

Was indeed a pleasure meeting you up yesterday. I’m looking forward to catching up in detail with you.


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Author: Dr Deepak Malhotra


It’s My Story…

Change in my thoughts

The engagement data I had worked over years was at the back of my hand. I had implemented it myself at an organisational level, and hence, it was my baby.

 Reflection of results

After collection of all the data, I started comparing, and what I saw came as a shock. I saw the engagement scores moving towards the negative side, year after year. My idea was to bring forth my professional exposure, to look at entrepreneurial leadership and engagement differently, through ‘matching the age’.

Final results

Then came the biggest challenge to name my brain child. One evening, my wife Sayani and I, were discussing about a suitable name, and thus my first child was christened.

Summing it up…

Happiness is what an employee should seek from a leader. A team member always wants to be engaged and happy. This is a small desire, but we all seem to miss it.


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